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Who We Are

We are company based in Baltic states, Latvia. As one of greenest countries in the wold, Latvia offers clean nature and people take great care for environment. People in Latvia for all ages offten go spend time in nature – fishing, camping, mushroom hunting, tea gathering and so on. In Europe context Baltic states ir not widely populated countries like Belgium or United Kingdon – so nature is much more cleaner and there is possible to find rare species that are long time disappeared.

It is not rear that when somebody catch cold – they drink Linden Tea. Making medicine from nature was first way to cure ilneses and take prevention to healthier body and mind. Still lot of modern medicine comes from herbs, muchrooms and animals, only they are chemically synthesized for cheap and mass production.

Almost all chemically synthesized medicine have sideeffects – some of them are with serios helts issues and even death. Natural herbal medicine offers much less side effets if any. Everytime you take medicine in pills form – you make negative effects on your stomach, kidneys and liver. Every time. Of course – if you have some serios health problems – you have to listen what your doctor say to you and do it, but to not to go to doctor – better take care for your body before – with nature.